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Nickelodeon Girlslash
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o hai
Are you dying to make up for the time you spent as a closeted youth? Do you remember thinking that the reason Patti Mayonnaise didn't want Doug Funnie was because she would rather have his sister Judy? Or that Courtney Grippling definitely had a thing for Ginger Foutley? Or that for sure Nona and Monica would be gay married in Canada in twelve years? Maybe you were disappointed that we never got to see Catalina and Suzee in the same dimension because you were sure the sparks would fly. (I was. Come on, rainbow hair! Need I say more?)

Or perhaps you're a rabid Cam shipper or think H20: Just Add Water has amazing potential for femslash.

Well, discuss it here! Post your picspams, fanvideos, fanfiction, fanmixes, and seriously gay icons. This is the place for anything that involves Nickelodeon and femslash, past and present.

All ages are welcome, and you definitely don't have to be a kid. :) Because since kid-dedicated television networks don't yet acknowledge that girl/girl crushes and romances exist, we'll just have to create those moments in our favorite shows ourselves.

community guidelines:

1. All posts must be relevant to the community, somehow incorporating femslash into a Nick show. Anything on Nick at Nite probably isn't relevant since this is a community which will focus on squeezing all the slashyness from kid and tween shows. Crossovers are absolutely welcome as long as one female character/actor from a Nick show is featured. (Example: Miley/Carly from Hannah Montana and iCarly)

Rule Clarification Regarding Fanfic: Secondary het and slash ships are welcome, although remember that this is a femslash community. So we ask that in these cases, at least half the fic's focus should be femslash-related. If this is not the case, your fic is better posted elsewhere.

2. Real Person ships are also okay as long as there is Gay involved the person is or once was on Nickelodeon. Just try to keep it as close to Nick as you can.

3. There shall be tags! Please use them safely, responsibly, and correctly so I will not have to weep. (As of right now, mods are the only ones who can create tags. If you need a new tag for something, just request it and I'll tag the entry for you.)

4. I don't want to control what people can and cannot say to each other, but the Big Orange Couch asks that you please keep all serious drama outside the community. :)

5. For the absolute comfort of our members, if you post any content which the mods believe is purposely inflammatory towards our community and/or an attack upon the concepts the community was built upon, your post will be deleted, and you will be banned.

So 'gay bashing'? Take it elsewhere.

6. Community and other promotions are allowed as long as they somehow relate to this community. If you're not sure about something, you can ask a mod.

7. All ratings are allowed, but if your post deals with particularly explicit "adult" themes (rated 17+), it must be placed under a "members only" lock.

8. Keep in mind that this is a multi-fandom community, so when you post anything, we want you to please note the fandom and pairing in your entry.

The End


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Members, if you see any trouble, especially anyone violating rule 5, please report immediately to

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